Kamakshi Ashtottaram


  1. This is AWESOME!

    I'm truly blessed that I stumbled upon your site through a total coincidence...or may be I should say, with God's grace, it was meant to be.

    Regardless, I'm very deeply touched by the Legacy of our "Samskriti" and Spirituality that your blog contains.

    God bless you and everyone you care about!

    And please keep up the righteous path of religious awareness you're spreading!

    God Bless again!

  2. Namaskaram,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful words of acknowledgment. Your words have instilled hope and cheer in me today, when my heart needed them the most. God bless you too!

    Hari Aum,


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Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita
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