Sloka For Studies (Saraswati)

The following sloka on Saraswati Devi can be chanted to excel in studies.

अक्षमालाक्षराकाराक्षराक्षर फल प्रदा 
अनन्तानन्द सुखदानन्त चन्द्र निभानना 

akshamAlAksharAkArAksharAkshara phalapradA
anantAnanda sukhadAnanta chandra nibhAnanA

அக்ஷமாலாக்ஷராகாராக்ஷராக்ஷர பல ப்ரதா 
அனந்தானந்த ஸுகதாநந்த சந்த்ர நிபானனா 

Meaning: Aksha maalaa or Devi! Your main  accompaniment is rosary or the string of Rudraaksha to perform constant Tapasya; you are the Aksharaa kaara or of the Swarupa of Aksharas or the Alphabets of Imperishable Syllables which yield lasting value since these constitute a ‘Bhasha’ or the specific language which indeed is a fountain of words, expressions, literature, poetry, communication and richness of human life; Anantaananda or the Embodiment of Lasting Happiness; Sukhadaanata or the Provider of endless satisfaction; Chandra nibhaavana or of the Cool and Placid Countenance of Moon.

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    please send the saraswati mantra for studies-Starting from akshamala aksharkara

  3. Ur blog is really useful for me ..a big thank for ur sincere efforts. ..can u pls send lingashtagam bilvastagam...slokas...nd astalakshmi stotra

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Bhagavad Gita
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