Sloka During Difficulty

The following sloka can be chanted, while praying to get rid of difficulties.

अनवद्यानेकहस्तानेकमाणिक्य भूषणा 
अनेक विघ्न संहर्त्री ह्यनेकाभरणान्विता

anavadya-aneka hastA aneka mANikya bhUShaNA
aneka vighna samhartri hyanekAbharaNAnvitA

அனவத்ய அநேக ஹஸ்தா அநேக மாணிக்ய பூஷணா 
அநேக விக்ன ஸம்ஹர்த்ரீ ஹ்யநேக பரணான்விதா 

Meaning: Anavadya or the Devi of exquisite beauty and grace; Aneka hasta or of countless hands of Abhaya Mudra assuring security and fearlessness; Aneka manikya bhushana or adorned with several priceless diamonds of  glitter; Aneka Vighna Samhartri or the destroyer of numerous obstacles experienced by the faithful devotees; Anekaabharanaanvita or the Goddess who is adorned with invaluable ornaments.
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Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita
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