परात्मानेकं जगात्बीजमाढ्यं
निरीहं निराकारं ओमकारवेद्यं
यतो जायते पाल्यते येन विश्र्वं
तमीशं भजे लीयते यत्र विश्र्वं

parAtmAnam ekam jagat beejam Adyam
nireeham nirAkAram aumkAra vedyam
yato jAyate pAlyate yena vishwam
tameesham bhaje leeyate yatra vishwam

I adore the Lord, the Supreme Atman, the One, the primordial cause of the universe, the actionless, the formless, who is denoted by AUM, from whom the universe comes into being, by whom it is sustained, and into whom it dissolves.

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Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita
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