Mooshika Vahana

मूषिकवाहन मोदक हस्त
चामरकर्ण विलम्बित सूत्र |
वामनरूप महेश्र्वरपुत्र
विघ्नविनायक पाद नमस्ते ||

mUshika vAhana modaka hasta
chAmarakarNa vilambitasUtra
vAmanaroopa maheshwara putra
vighnavinAyaka pAda namaste

மூஷிக வாஹன மோதக ஹஸ்த
சாமரகர்ண விலம்பிதசூத்ர
வாமனரூப மஹேஷ்வர புத்ர
விக்னவிநாயக பாத நமஸ்தே

(Taken from

He who has the mouse as the vahana, He who always keeps Modhaham (a traditional sweet made from coconut jaggery and rice that is rolled into a ball) He who has ears that resemble a hand held fan. He who wears a chain-like ornament around his waist, He who is short statured, He who is the son of Lord Parameshwara. O! Lord Vinayaka who is all the above and he who always anulls all impediments, we worship your Divine Feet.

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Bhagavad Gita
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