Achyutam Keshavam

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This is one of my favorite songs. Great devotees like the ones mentioned in this song had faith, love and a lot of patience all their life, whether their God appeared or disappeared, talked or remained silent.

अच्युतं केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं राम नारायणं जानकी वल्लभं 

कौन कहते हैं भगवान आते नहीं
तुम मीरा के जैसे बुलाते नहीं (अच्युतं)

Who says God does not come? You do not call Him the way Meera did.

कौन कहते हैं भगवान खाते नहीं
बेर शबरी के जैसे खिलाते नहीं (अच्युतं)

Who says God does not eat? You do not feed Him the way Shabari did.

कौन कहते हैं भगवान सोते नहीं
मा यशोदा के जैसे सुलाते नहीं (अच्युतं)

Who says God does not sleep? You do not put him to sleep the way mother Yashoda did.

कौन कहते हैं भगवान नाचते नहीं
गोपियों के तरह तुम नचाते नहीं (अच्युतं)

Who says God does not dance? You do not make Him dance the way gopis did.


  1. Beautiful, very deep and meaningful song. Really enjoyed listening to it.


    1. Yes, it is. Thank you so much.

      Hari Aum!


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